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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maxi to Cocktail.

Maxi dresses are wonderful pieces and by far one of my favorite wardrobe staples. However, when you come across an incredible maxi with bold colors, prints, embellishments, or just excellent drapery, chances are that people will notice. The "wow" factor makes it difficult to pull off wearing over and over again.

Today, a woman at my favorite boutique, Ooh La La, in Del Mar told me a fabulous trick to fixing this problem when I was in to pick up a few new additions to my closet. I was raving about the last maxi dress I had bought, a Cavalli jewel toned halter maxi with gorgeous brown leather detailing and cut-outs around the ribcage. I then told her my only complaint was that I rarely could bring out the beautiful dress I was so proud of finding because EVERYONE remembers it. She told me to wear it one more time, proudly, and if I was ready to take the plunge, crop the bottom of it and turn it into a revamped cocktail dress.

I've scheduled a time this week to take in the dress to my local tailor.

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