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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Essence of the Heart.

We're all familiar with the ever so famous heart shaped symbol that represents a day we call Valentine's Day...(or for some of us, the day we refer to as Singles' Awareness Day, Lovers are the Anti-Christ Day, Rejected, Hopeless, and Alone With A Box of Chocolates Day, or Sacrificial Voodoo Act Performances On All Of My Ex's That Are Happier Than Me With Their New Upgraded Girlfriend Day, etc.)

Whether or not you're celebrating your loved one on this day or thinking of ways to murder all those in love around you on this Hallmark Holiday, we can all appreciate the creativity that went into the portrayal of this heart symbol:

This look was from the runway show for Chanel's Haute Couture Spring Line. I found it to be absolutely breathtaking. Karl Lagerfeld lit a fire under this collection's femininity with broadening the pastel spectrum of colors, the addition of metallic hints in each piece, and the elegant variation of fabrics (from matte to satin to lace) all incorporated to present a beautiful masterpiece. This collection captures a woman's beauty and grace in such a poised and refined manner, while still managing to portray a sense of playfulness.

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