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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go Black for the Ball Drop.

@ninagarcia Wearing black on New Year’s Eve is a bit like wearing a tasteful sheath to Mardi Gras. Why? You have free rein to go full glam. Work it.

Nina Garcia, Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge, tweeted this earlier on in the evening...and I thought her statement was so on point.

I, of course, am the ultimate creature of pure black and gold habit when it comes to the ever so festive event, NYE. Not only does black hide all of the eggnog and truffles stuffed in our faces just days prior, but it is a fun base for any metallic craziness you want to emerge yourself into. I prefer gold because it compliments my champagne flute perfectly (and it is my most favorite precious metal), but shiny silvers and bold glitter in any and every color of the rainbow work fabulously with black as well!

Choosing what accessories you want to make your outfit pop like a bottle of bubbly is a fashionably artistic decision I will leave to you (think clutches, shoes, bracelet stacks, cocktail rings...even bedazzled stockings!) However, I found some great statement necklace ideas to start with, and they're all very different.

Here are my favorite picks right now to pile on top of your black...

Lanvin Small Rose Necklace, Black

Oscar de la Renta Three-Strand Cone Bib Necklace

Wendy Brigode Black Baroque Pearl Necklace

Nest Clustered Howlite Necklace

Vera Wang Crystal Bib Necklace, Black

David Yurman Multi Row Chain Necklace, Pearls, 18"L

All available to purchase on

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

'Tis the Season is Over.

I hope that everyone had a festive (and fashionable) holiday season! It always tickles me to read some of the search keywords that bring up my blog, and I have to say that judging from some of the recent search traffic, many of you wonderful girlfriends out there had some fantastic little surprises wrapped up in a bow!

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Lucky bitches.

Anyway, with all of that being said...I hope all of my lovely readers enjoyed time with loved ones over the holidays and are looking forward to a fabulous new year - I can hardly wait!

With silver Louboutins and bejeweled gowns dancing in my head, all my love!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beautiful Cookies vs. Delicious Cookies.

We were all sitting down at the dinner table when my mom pulled out a package of decadent looking handmade cookies given to our family. My dad bites into one and says, "This is a beautiful cookie. Tasteless...but beautiful." We all laugh thinking the exact same thing. They were decorated to perfection...little green trees with pearled sugar drops as ornaments, powdered snowflakes artistically hand drawn...just visually ideal.

We then got to thinking, would you rather eat a delicious cookie or a beautiful cookie? What is a better compliment to receive as a chef, "these cookies look so pretty" or "these cookies taste damn good!"? Most likely, the latter.

The same question can be applied to Couture. Would you rather wear a beautiful ensemble? Or would you prefer to feel violatingly delicious wearing the garments?

FENDI Fur Jabot; $2,390, ALLDRESSEDUP Feather Gilet; $604

I've picked out a few pieces that are deliciously beautiful to wear this season...

Emilio Pucci Zebra-Print Tunic

Style Tip: Silver, silver, silver. As much as I adore gold, you just have to make everything silver! Shoes, cuff, even delicate long stranded earrings.

Donna Karan Sequined Crochet Sweater

Style Tip: Beautiful bold lips, as shown above, are key for not being washed out in the silver tone. Pair with a fabulous pair of thick structured leggings or colored J Brand skinnies for a bolder, more casual look. White works to perfection as shown on the model, but put down the delicious cookie and stare at the beautiful one because you need to be in top shape to pull this one off.

Naeem Khan Brushstroke-Print Silk Caftan

Style Tip: Nothing. Perhaps a gold bangle or cuff, but nothing dangling or jingling. If you can get away with a pair of jeweled gladiator flats go with it...strappy heels in a metallic color will also fit in effortlessly.

Shamask Peacock-Print Poncho
Original: 1,295.00
NOW: 777.00

Style Tip: Black skinnies tucked into a structured pair of boots. Matte lipstick makes lips noticeable without going bold. Keep it dark. Let me suggest Black Orchid Private Blend Lipstick by Tom Ford, you're getting the poncho on sale, pop for the overpriced (yet necessary) color.

Escada Striped Caftan

Style Tip: Red strappy shoes. Gold are nice, but red kicks it up a notch. Height is key, patent is a plus.

To summarize, when I think deliciously beautiful I think flowy caftans, luxe furs, draped ponchos, sequined cardigans, bold prints galore. All the above shown pieces are available currently at Neiman Marcus and I suggest you ravage them stat.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Anti-Misanthropy and PaisleyErin.

I love to spend my Sunday nights relaxing at home and getting inspired for the upcoming week. Tonight's inspiration consumption involved browsing through this month's Vogue (the only magazine I actually flip through sans my iPad), a little scrolling...ok, shopping, on Neimans online, and catching up on Anti-Misanthropy and PaisleyErin; two adventurous girls that I have had been lucky to share some of my most memorable moments with.

Mekdela (Anti-Misanthropy) is an Ethiopian beauty currently working at Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York City. Bold fashion and the nightlife scene are her primary languages. Paisley (PaisleyErin) just returned back to the United States after spending 3 months abroad living in Paris and roaming around surrounding countries, having the experience of a lifetime that most of us only dream of having.

I met these soul sisters a couple years ago through mutual friends. We don't get together all the time, but when we do, we are nonstop - taking the world on by our heels. Or in reference to the last time we got together (Coachella Weekend 2011), taking the world on one beat to the next.

I can't put into words how fabulously inspiring Mekdela and Paisley are, as dear friends to me or as strangers to people that only glance at them in their photographs. Take a moment to browse through their blogs and you'll know exactly what I'm getting at.


I wildly dream about my passions and goals in the world of art, fashion, film, literature and cultural diversity.


Happiness isn't good enough for me, I demand euphoria.

And that darlings, is my Sunday night inspiration. Hope you're ready to take on the week, I know I am!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diva Dads.

I don't know if it's just a daughter/father thing, but my sisters and I have the hardest time in the world picking out presents for our dad - not just on Christmas, but for any occasion throughout the year. Anything he wants, he bought yesterday, and anything he hasn't bought yesterday, he doesn't want.

This year we demanded straight up what our father wants for Christmas and to our surprise he didn't answer his typical response of "nothing" or "golf balls."

My father requested a very specific gift this year. He asked for a handmade, black leather duffel bag. Not just your typical "obnoxious diva L.V. duffel bag (damier to be exact) that we got you last Christmas," but worse! He picked out a beautiful piece, handmade in Scotland...only 6 months out of the year. Talk about an obnoxious runs in the family.

So, we ordered that of course, it will come when it comes. But what else to throw underneath the Christmas tree for the man who already has everything he wants and more? (Like most fathers in our generation, no matter what income is made throughout the year). The New York Times Style Magazine inspired us as always (our father only considers The New York Times to be relevant news - and yes, he currently resides here in San Diego) and so did Neiman Marcus, standard.

Here are some great picks we're wrapping for underneath our Christmas tree when all the money and thought in the world doesn't even impact our practically difficult father this time of year...

Cocktail Kingdom
Extra Large Weighted Mixing Glass

Anthony Logistics for Men
Body Cleansing Gels in Eucalyptus Mint and Peppermint

Tom Ford
Velvet Bow Tie
(available in boutique only)

Renzo Romagnoli Backgammon Set

Neiman Marcus
"KeyPad Ultra" for iPad

Conclusion to this post: Our Dads are really just big grown up boys this time of year. They enjoy tinkering and playing with their toys Christmas Day just like they did when they were kids. Wrap up something fun, and it won't fail to be a hit!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What to gift your picky snob of a girlfriend...

Giving your girlfriend a gift is so easy. Giving your girlfriend a gift she won't be disappointed over is a totally different story...

What not to do:

Do not give her fur when she is a vegetarian, animal loving, PETA member. In fact, you should just dump her. Just kidding...that's heartless and very superficial (and I know half of you reading this, if not more, would have expected me to say something like that). Honestly though, if she has strong stands for or against something, no matter how long you've dated her, don't go against those standards. If it's something she feels very strongly for or against, why even mess within the realms of that area? Use your brain.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, give her anything having to do with technology - unless she has specifically requested something of this nature.

Do not give her anything that breathes or anything that she'll need to take care of. No matter how much she begs for that puppy in the window (I know, I too would die over a little black poodle in a bow), unless you are living together and have made a mutual decision to bring something that could be killed into the household, don't pull out the surprises.

Do not give her exercise clothes if she is fat or chocolates if you're worried about her anorexia. Now is not a time to bring up body issues. Wait for after New Years.

Lastly, do not give her anything she already has. Plain and simple...this is just retarded. All a girl wants (on top of everything ridiculously materialistic she won't lay out for you in fear of coming off as superficial) is a little thought put into her present. Giving her something she already has is seriously just shitting on the thought process request.

What to do:

Jewelry, Handbag, Shoes.

Jewelry is a romantic, practical (yes, I said practical) gift that every woman, no matter what age she is, would adore. Be careful when choosing jewelry, think of what pieces she likes to wear. Don't give her a necklace just because she doesn't have any. Although this is a sweet thought and kudos on noticing what she's missing, she may not wear it as much as maybe a typical statement bangle to add onto her stack. Jewelry is also a great choice "financially" because you can determine how much you want to specifically spend on her and stick to that price range. Remember though, popping $250 is not going to magically buy a Cartier bracelet, but may provide you with a hot YSL cocktail ring in the display case at Barneys that she'll love.

*Footnote: Do not give her anything in a small ring sized box if she is expecting a proposal. Now is not the time to give her beautiful 4 carat diamond earrings in a tiny little box because they will in fact be stabbed through your eyes.

You can't go wrong with giving a handbag. As long as it's not Coach when she's a devil wearing Prada, you should be in the clear. In most cases, you'll be hearing about exactly what handbag she's dying over for at least 2 months can pick it out with your eyes shut. If she hasn't been killing you over which exact bag she wants, stick with a brand she has a lot of. This may sound boring, but we tend to stick to our same designers. If she's all about L.V., you have tons of options, if she's into Chanel, good luck, and if she owns a Birkin, well, you should just escort yourself out.

*Footnote: Keep your receipt just in case. If she doesn't end up being nuts over the bag, at least go with her to exchange it or try again. You want her wearing the bag, not selling it off on eBay.

If she's obsessed with shoes, give her a damn pair of shoes. It's not creepy and not at all equivalent to the faux pas version of giving you a "mom" gift (i.e. Sweaters, socks, etc. Although, I know plenty of boys who would really appreciate that...girls, take note.) How to find out her size? Don't you dare ask her what size her Shrek feet are. Be sneaky. Sexily take off her shoes after a night out and take a peek inside. If you're not that smooth simply glance in her closet, listen to what size she asks for when you go shoe shopping together, or ask her younger sister.

*Footnote - don't just pick out any pair of shoes to give her, that immediately takes this suggestion into the "what not to do" category. Ask her. She'll tell you. The only case in which you don't need to ask is if they have red soles...all of those are a go.

What to give your girlfriend of a short period of time? Definitely don't go with an empty box. Scarves and fragrance are key choices. They please at any stage of the relationship and there is a huge variety to chose from suitable to your girlfriends taste. From cashmere to Hermes silks, Chanel No. 5 to Black Orchid, all are lovely options. A fun pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, a classic Ferragamo belt, or a matching wallet to her current handbag are also all great choices no matter how long you've been together.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pretty Woman.

As tempting as it is this holiday season to go walking down Rodeo Drive in your Juicy sweats or Lululemon yoga gear, pretending it's totally ok because you can indeed afford to shop the boutiques...full on baring (and protected by) the bright red patent leather Chanel bag you "threw on" with your scrubs...please spare yourself.

No salesperson will take you seriously, want to genuinely help you find your perfect gifts, or sadly even want you handling the beautiful products you reach for.

You might as well consider yourself a hooker...

I'm not saying you need to dress as if you're walking down the road during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, (I as much as you feel the intense chaos of this time of year)...but even if I'm planning on hitting a late afternoon sculpt class after my shopping cardio to get rid of the excess Christmas cocktails clinging onto my hips...I still manage to dress myself to shop.

Take a bath, brush your hair, dress yourself, throw on a pair of actual shoes, and walk like you intend to accomplish something. You'll get so much more done acting like you mean it, than shuffling along and getting lost in the crowd...or the slumpy poncho you tossed on.

Come on, if a hooker could do it
(and manage to snag a handsome billionaire),
you can to!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dreaded Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, I hate more during the holidays than The Dreaded Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Who invented this horrible event condoning the idea that dressing yourself up in an unflattering, tacky sweater is okay? God forbid, in a public...festive setting???

If you invite me to your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (that I dread every year come December 1st) - and actually expect me (as your guest) to come dressed up in a frigid, itchy, unforgivable knit that makes me break out in hives within a 10 mile radius of my closet - I will have to politely decline my attendance, annually.

Yes, some people may think this themed party celebrating the unbearably clashing patterns on thick cable knit sweaters is humorous...some people may even think this themed party allowing a complete mess of an ensemble is convenient! Barf.

Pull your party (and yourself) together. This is a time for dressing festively, not fatally! May I suggest hosting a fabulous cocktail party, a casual potluck...or perhaps even a black tie dinner party for an intimate group of 30?

There are millions of options - a tree trimming get together, a Santa Claus movie marathon, a Christmas tea, a cookie decorating party, an intimate fireplace gathering, and so on - don't resort to allowing ugly Christmas sweaters near your festivities, let alone honoring an entire party to them!

Graciously yours,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Carried By Your Clutch.

A clutch is a key staple to any evening outfit. As perfectly complimentary as it may be to your look, this is one instance where it's about what's on the inside that really counts...

Don't make the mistake of leaving an important home and suffering later because it doesn't fit into the small proximity of space...and on the contrary, stuffing in your entire contents of your Fendi Hobo is a definite no.

Here are a few things that are absolute essentials to tuck into your Judith Leiber for the next time you hit the town...along with a couple must leave behinds...

- Your signature lip color of the night.
Be it your Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Smoke Red (my usual), or your favorite YSL nude, pick one and stick with it. I highly doubt you'll be changing it up throughout the night unless you're participating in multiple wardrobe changes, which then in that case you will have a private dressing room with your name on it and not a clutch to carrying your evening's worth of necessities - ditch the five shades and only bring the one you plan on wearing. If you need a lip gloss to finish off a matte lipstick, of course pack that in as well...but once again, one, not five.

-Fragrance in a sample size.
Do not bring your enormous 12 oz Chanel No. 5 eau de parfum. Do you seriously need multiple ounces of fragrance with you for one night? I certainly hope not. Bring along a sample of your scent for the night and leave it at that. You probably won't be applying more than once, and that one time will only be a couple spritzes. This is the precise reason why Saks gives you samples of the same hundred dollar fragrance that you just bought...they're not stupid and forgot what you bought when they throw in the same fragrance testers, it's not to "test" - it's to have with you when you don't want to lug around a huge bottle! Saks is courteous like that.

-Fashion tape.
Could your strap snap? Could your zipper break? Could a hem snag? Could a boob pop? Could a nasty bitch snag your Lanvin chiffon cocktail dress with her huge cheap Forever 21 ring? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! These are all sad possibilities that are night ruining if you let them be. Forget bringing along a positive "I'm still going to have fun even though my outfit is ruined" attitude - just bring along some fashion tape for crying out loud! Accidents happen, and they're so easy to fix with a simple bit of adhesive.

-Mascara, curlers, glue, oh my!
You've already cemented on that Dior Show Black Out mascara, don't bring the enormous tube along with you. Unless you plan on crying at some point during the night, you won't need it. And if you plan on crying at some point during the yourself ahead of time and don't go out! Eyelash curlers? Do people even use those anymore? Don't bring along the torture-esque looking tool. It's scary, god forbid it falls out of your clutch and onto your man's lap. Eyelash glue is a must. If you are wearing false eyelashes, no matter how attached you think they are, they can quite possibly fall off and make it appear as if a spider is attacking your eyeball. This is not the look, bring the glue. Once again, accidents happen, and they're so easy to fix with a simple bit of adhesive.

-Cold, hard, cash.
Your Neimans card is no good here for club entry or valet tips. For posh drinks, it may be accepted...but honey, you don't need to buy your own drinks if you follow this blog. Bring along cash suitable to your spending and expenses - and a little extra for odd situations that may occur after popping one too many bottles of champagne (I'm not talking for hookers and blow...I'm talking about spur of the moment cab rides or paying off the savvy girl in the bathroom who brought fashion tape along and you didn't when your dress unexpectedly shreds into confetti).

-Misc. items of importance.
A house key, mints or gum (just a small pack, not Costco economy quantities), your cell phone, I.D., and maybe your boyfriend's business card for when a baller wants to buy a house and your other half just so happens to be in real estate...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Depend on Simplicity.

"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm
depend on simplicity.” - Plato

This quote certainly does not relate to all fashion in today's breaking beyond the seams fashion world, however it is something we should all occasionally take time to remember, especially when trying to make an understated and simplistically glamorous look.

Nothing is more purely charming and beautiful to me than crisp whites, loosely structured pastel silks, and the iconic L.B.D. in the form of a sheath. What these looks have in common is not their designer or price range, but the simplistic nature behind each garment that ease the eye and drape flawlessly on a figure.

Structure is still apparent in simplistically, but is not overbearing as in Dior Haute Couture's corsetted full gowns, nor is it fussy as in Marchesa's jumpsuits. Smoothness adds to a put together nature, and solid fabric and draping is key.

Enjoy the simplicity...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rock-ette Those Legs Of Yours.

We all want our legs looking as long as a Rockette's this holiday (and always for that matter). However, sometimes the over-sized sweaters, matte tights, and chunky boots seem to expose us baring the opposite.

I've picked out three tricks to share with you that I use to lengthen my legs to their fullest. The first two definitely depend on your body in order to pull them off (I've been graced with a terribly flat boy shaped figure of all legs reaching 5'9, luckily to fulfill the requirements for the picks below). However, the third is so simple and can be used by all.

1. Become friendly with wide-leg trousers.

Roberto Cavalli Wide-Leg Pants

When dealing with wide-leg trousers, a high-waisted pair is key. The higher the waist reaches, the longer and leaner your legs will appear. There are a few exceptions to this of course - if you're on the shorter side or if you sport an apple, pear, or other fruit-shaped bottom...miracles are brought by Santa this holiday, not the high-waisted trouser unfortunately. Style your trousers with a button up with sheerness and flow to it...tucked in and slightly puckered for movement...or for a more structured look, opt for a fitted blazer. Boots and flats are a huge no. Heels are key. Double points for a fun pair of sky-high pumps.

2. The colorblock skirt with an over-sized sheer - not chunky - sweater.

Proenza Schouler Tweed Colorblock Pencil Skirt

Warning: hard to pull off, but fabulously effortlessly and put together if you can. I adore this sweater over the pencil skirt. The longer hemline surprisingly lengthens the leg by adding an illusion of questionability here - ratio of bare to covered leg. By pairing the skirt like the Proenza Schouler model did, with the sheer sweater draped casually over the skirt, another ratio is brought up to question bringing you to wonder how long of a torso is really under the sweater, and how much is leg. It's simple math really...I can't solve the equation, but I can tell you that the ratio works.

3. The most seamlessly easiest trick of them all.

Commando Zebra Legs Tights

Exchange your matte tights for a pair of sheer hose with a seam. Easy as that. Your legs will no longer look like tree trunks or a 5 year old girls...they will appear sexy, lean, and never ending. End of story.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Belina Giveaway!

After watching the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I've become obsessed with anything and everything aquatic. So, what better time to announce a fabulous aquatic giveaway by Belina!

"Carolina" Silver Starfish Cuff

I think that this aquatic piece by Belina is such a gorgeous one. Whether you're curled up by the fire, reminiscing the days this past summer when you were tanning on the bow of a friend's sailboat, or struting down 5th Avenue like a Victoria's Secret Angel shopping for all of your loved ones - you need this fabulous piece to make your wardrobe stand out!

Here's how to enter:

1. “LIKE” Belina on Facebook
2. "LIKE" LisaPriceInc on Facebook
3. Follow Belina on Twitter
4. Follow me on Twitter as well, and then tweet the following:

“I want to win the @ShopBelina giveaway
hosted by @LPriceSOright”

Once you’ve done all four steps – make sure you're able to be contacted through your twitter if you are the winner or leave your email on this post!!!

This giveaway will last 1 WEEK from today and end NEXT Friday 12/9/11 at NOON (12 P.M.) P.S.T.

Good luck!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other fabulous pieces by Belina here:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stylish San Diego Cocktails.

There is nothing I love more than going out and spotting a deliciously glamorous cocktail on the menu, as if it was made just for me and my outfit that night. As much as I never ever mind having to resort to chic champagne when nothing quite catches my eye, it is always such a treat to order a refreshing new cocktail with a fabulous name. After all, your cocktail in hand is as much of an accessory as your carefully chosen cocktail ring!

Here are a few of my favorite stylish cocktails here in San Diego that I like to accessorize with...

1. Condesa Güera American Dry Gin; Stylish or snobby? You decide. Gin, Cointreau, and citrus. 8.5

El Take it Easy, a little dark hipster-esque spot located in North Park, San Diego, had incredible house cocktails. The Condesa Güera was an instant choice for me just last night simply based off of the description...not only did it come out in a fabulous frosted martini glass, but every sip was icily refreshing! My friends chose other delicious drinks including the Paloma, Cactus Cooler, and of course...Satan's Playground...all sipped under dim lighting and candles.

2. Dirty Girl; Gin, Cucumber Water, Serrano Chile, Soda $12

Searsucker, located in the heart the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, serves up authentic (and fantastically strong) handcrafted drinks that get me on quite a good one - after one! My favorite is the Dirty Girl, low calorie and served at an iceberg level of cold, it is a choice I always come back to. The spicy bite is camouflaged within the clear contents of the drink, making it a stylish pick no one will mess around with. Matches fabulously with fur...or seersucker.

2. Cleopatra; Plymouth Gin, Lillet, saffron, golden raisins $9

Starlite, located off India Street in San Diego, is an ├╝ber-ly chic casual spot for a creative drink. The Cleopatra cocktail is my ideal. Gold in color, it was an obvious pick. Not to mention the name - yes, there was a time where I dyed my hair black and chopped out bangs to convinced everyone that I was Egyptian and an ancestor of the Queen of the Nile. This drink is posh, sexy, and not at all naive.

4. 007; shaken, not stirred.

The Whaling Bar is my very favorite place, in perhaps the entire world, to get a stylish cocktail. Reason why? The dark, mysterious atmosphere, the poshest undercover celebrities sitting next to you, and the memories made...and My weapon of mass destruction - a 007 (aka Vesper). There is no way to possibly make your drink order more violently fierce than to order this. The key ingredient is Lillet, which is a liquor that unfortunately most spots do not carry. I can't put a price on this drink because it is stylishly priceless...and us, being repeated offenders and the bartender's favorites, usually are not set a price.

Key ingredients for a stylish drink: a Martini glass, anything Gin, a twist of something sexy, and for an added punch...

Tom Ford Lipstick

Highlighted Words