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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

High-waisted or high-wasted trousers?

Now, I'm not a particular fan of the growing trend of high-waisted trousers that somehow morphed out of the ever so popular (and for the most part flattering) skinny jean fad.

However, the Ready-to-Wear Fall 2010 ChloƩ collection features a pair of beige, flared, high waisted trousers that are to die for.

High-waisted trousers are best worn as shown in this collection in an all neutral and narrow color schemed ensemble. By keeping all the colors running together, you aren't breaking up any sections of your look. This is critical in not looking like a terribly out of proportioned human being while wearing these fabulous pants. Add a pair of neutral platform pumps and your legs will shoot to the sky.

If you dare add a pair of clogs to this ensemble, I hope you trip and rip the beautifully stitched hem of your trousers.


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