Fashion Fades; Style is Eternal


Who I am

i like my champagne bubbling and my coffee black.

Welcome to my world of Couture, Warhol, Cupcakes, Music, and Choo's...Jimmy Choo's that is.

I appreciate the world of luxury, but I also find fascination in the significant details surrounding us in our every day life. I wholeheartedly believe in making breakfast for dinner and living life in the present. This blog is a collection of my interests, ideas, and general day to day nonsense.

My mother feels "blogging" is a waste of time. My father thinks "blogging" (or anything for that matter) can be turned into a successful business venture. I started "blogging" because finding the importance in special things and sharing them is entertaining, if not for anyone else, for myself.


"Lisa is a fashion blogger and the Creator of LisaPriceInc., an editorial blog that concentrates on high fashion, as well as a luxe lifestyle with a hint of snobbery. Lisa has a strong love for the arts, music, and bohemian culture, making her couture style uniquely edgy. Being a gypsy at heart has made traveling and experiencing new things a requirement to every day life. Lisa is at home in bustling, urban metropolitans with a flute of champagne in hand. Experience a luxuriously eccentric lifestyle through Lisa's journeys."

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