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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burn Your Burlap.

So, I have to ask...what is this trend involving a burlap sack being cut up into tiny little pieces, sewn together again, and considered fashion?

You are making a statement...too bad it's an unfashionable one.

 Miu Miu

I was at Burlap again for a little Bloody Mary-ing Away this past Sunday and I swear on my Manolos, in walks - no, struts - a woman in a Burlap effing dress.

Burlap is obviously the place to go to be blog inspired because so far in this past week, I've gotten two posts out of them. Either that or I just start becoming really creative and making up posts in my mind after a sip or few. Entertainment nonetheless. You should try going there, maybe you'll start a blog too.

Back to the Burlap moment though...I was just inches away from ordering the big fish bowl of a drink with the fire garnish just so I could "accidentally" catch her sack of a dress with it.

1. Don't wear burlap to Burlap.
2. Don't wear burlap to anywhere I'm creeping at.
3. Don't wear burlap in public, period.

And you should probably lay off the burlap at home too...I hear it chafes.

Burlap is perfectly acceptable on patio lounge furniture, incorporated in a rustic table setting, woven with flowers in a unique arrangement, to tote your groceries in...etc.

I have absolutely no problem if you want a beautiful barn wedding and burlap just so happens to be your main theme. As long as you don't walk down the aisle in a burlap effing wedding dress, we're ok.

The main reason why Project Runway had a Burlap Dress Fabric Challenge was because they want you to fail. I'm not challenging you to wear burlap...why? Because I don't want you to fail.

So darling, burn your burlap.

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