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Friday, October 7, 2011

Accessorize with Rose Gold.

Want to mix your gold and silver accessories (may it be jewelry or a handbag with metal embellishments)...but not sure how to do it without clashing metals?

One key ingredient: Rose Gold.

I'm all about mixing golds and silvers together. I think it's really down to the design of the pieces in general, not necessarily the metals, that determine whether or not it can be styled together. I'm also super into two-toned metal pieces (my go-to, everyday watch is both gold and silver and it has gotten endless amounts of wear because of that versatility).

Sometimes though, not matter how fabulous you think the two tones will go together, they just by "Fashion Law" are not compatible. And that my fashionistas, is when Rose Gold comes in to the mix. Rose Gold goes with BOTH gold and silver and is the perfect middle man to allowing your metal pieces to flow. Just add in a Rose Gold piece and you can seriously pile on any metal along with it!

Here are a few of my favorite Rose Gold accessories...

MICHELE Rose Gold Watches
Caber Diamond Rose Gold

Balenciaga Rose Gold Clutches
Giant Rose Gold Envelope

Ippolita Rosé Earrings
Ippolita Rosé Large Wavy Link Earrings

Ippolita Rosé Wavy Link Earrings

Ippolita Medium Rosé Chandelier Link Earrings

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