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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fashion Meets The Future.

Remember the days of having to take a stroll down Rodeo Drive to knock a current sense of fashion into your head?
So time consuming.

Or how about waiting all year for your favorite designer to go on sale at a department store?
Recipe for anxiety issues.

What about spending an hour in the dressing room only to have to then ask a stuffy sales associate at Saks whether those white flared jeans make you look super hip or make your hips look super big?
You'll never get the right answer.

Thankfully, all these horrible situations are really just a thing of the past. The world of shopping has become so expansive electronically these days, everything you used to have to deal with and stress over can be immediately attended to with the push of a button. Not only do we have online shopping, but we have online styling websites and blogs to coach our fashion sense, downloadable mobile apps for shopping boutiques and department stores...and not to mention tons of mobile apps supplying us with fashion tools to help keep our wardrobe in check!

Here are some great day-to-day fashion tools (downloadable apps and websites) that I've found to keep my wardrobe looking good and growing without having to head all the way to Bergdorfs for inspiration or a purchase:


Ever ask yourself "do these shoes go with this outfit," or "does this dress make me look fat," wishing someone was there with you to give a second opinion? LOVE IT OR LOSE IT is sort of like a fashion lifeline. Use this app to get instant fashion feedback from your contact list by simply uploading a photo, sending it off, and having your fashion lifeline rate your choice as either a "Love It!" "Like It!" or "Lose it!" You are also able to connect with other fashionistas whose opinions you value using LOVE IT OR LOSE IT and get their feedback as well. Pictures you take can be added to your Wish List and also to a Photo Feed to show off your looks to the LOVE IT OR LOSE IT community. Use the Wish List feature to shop for picky friends off of their custom Wish List and also drop hints to friends off of your own!


If you've ever seen the movie Clueless, you will know exactly what I'm talking about when I tell you that STYLEBOOK is basically a hand-held version of Cher's closet. Using this app, you're able to upload photos of your clothing, organize your wardrobe pieces into categories, and then build the perfect outfit! STYLEBOOK helps create looks on the go so you don't have to be late due to outfit crisis, tracks what you wore and plans things to wear for the future (no back to back outfits here). STYLEBOOK also lets you share your outfits with friends for a second opinion or for post-wear bragging rights!


STYLISH GIRL is an app very similar to STYLEBOOK, but it also allows you to mix in a wardrobe wishlist with your current pieces! STYLISH GIRL has a great assortment of brands and retailers featured on the iPhone mobile app that you are able to pick from, add into your virtual closet, and shop from. The shopping feature on STYLISH GIRL is great to use when trying to incorporate new items into your current wardrobe. Using STYLISHGIRL, you're able to browse, mix and match your online wants with your closet haves and see what kind of outfits you can come up with. If your pieces work in with your closet, it's just a simple tap to purchase!

Now that I've got your attention with an app that allows you to actually browse and make purchases directly from it, time to share a fabulous website I've found that is all about adopting new wardrobe additions - and my favorite additions in particular, dresses!


GRETCHY is an exclusive, members only website for designer dresses offered at a highly discounted price (50-90% off retail prices) and trade ins (you can trade in your lightly worn dresses for credit to use on GRETCHY!). Launched in September 2010 by the fashionable sisters and business partners, Britt and Gretchen Hackmann, GRETCHY was created to make finding one-of-a-kind, luxe fashion more accessible.

Now, when I think of discounted dresses and trade ins, the first thing coming to my mind are used, last season, sloppy second dresses...but this is just absolutely not the case! The dresses obtained from the trade-in are from members just like you.

Here's the typical senario: You go to Neimans, find the perfect dress for the event you're attending, you buy that perfect dress, take pictures in that perfect dress, direct everyone's attention to your perfect dress, and then by the end of the night what are you left with? A perfect dress you can't wear again, a bank statement you'd rather not look at until the end of next year, and no money left over to buy another perfect dress for the next weekend!

Solution to the typical senario: trade in your dress with GRETCHY and leave someone else with a perfect dress they haven't been seen in while you go off to buy your next dress on the site.

Also, remember that GRETCHY isn't just about trading in your dresses. Members of GRETCHY have access to a huge collection of current season dresses that are sent to GRETCHY directly from GRETCHY's retail partners. The Hackmann sisters are constantly on the hunt for new looks and new designers to add to the fashion database!

Now for the exciting part...

GRETCHY is teaming up with STYLISH GIRL to hold the 1st worldwide pop up shop via a mobile device ever!!!

Opening on July 30th at 12 EST

The pop up shop will only last for 36 hours. During these 36 hours, STYLISH GIRL users will be able to stock up on a limited quantity of current season designer brands at low, low sample sale prices. Some of these fabulous designers are rumored to include Emilio Pucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Herve Leger.

To access this pop up shop, you will have to download the STYLISH GIRL app update on the app store, available right now!!! For more information, visit their pop up shop website. Here, you can read featured daily blog posts, view video clips of the ad campaign, invite your friends to join the pop up shop, and learn about other pop up shop details!

Dates to remember:
July 15th - Download the STYLISH GIRL app update and tide yourself over with the STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY pop up shop website!
July 30th - STYLISH GIRL + GRETCHY pop up shop goes live for a full 36 hours of madness!!

Lastly...I can't forget to tell you about the...
- one lucky winner will become
GRETCHY's Virtual Closet Ambassador!!!

By being GRETCHY's Virtual Closet Ambassador, you will get many opportunities with blogging, events, and PR for GRETCHY. All you have to do is post a screenshot from your iPhone of either your virtual closet (off your app) or your actual closet - whichever is better organized! Post your pics to GRETCHY's Facebook page some time before the pop up shop goes live on July 30th with the title:


The winner will be chosen based on popularity of the picture they uploaded (likes on Facebook), as well as organization, what's in their closet, creativity, style, etc. GRETCHY will choose their favorite virtual/wardrobe picture on July 30th and announce who the winner is!!!

This is such a great time to organize and showcase your wardrobe for all to see, don't miss out!

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